Gardening by Jupiter May

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Gentleman by Jupiter May

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About Me

Jupiter May is an effervescent trip! Her warm vocals over bubbly, psychedelic, and jazzy sounds invoke a highly saturated tie dye sonic dreamscape. If “candy rap” was a genre this would be her playground. Her first single “Gardening” was released spring of 2021, and most recently she’s opened up for artists Caskey and Bubba Sparxxx. The Michigan native who now lives in Charlotte, NC came to songwriting through poetry during several troubling years at home as a teenager. Her first leap to independence was when she ran away from home at 16. Again in adulthood she would escape abuse to live in a van. “Vanlife” and the call to her dreams would help her begin her music career just as 2020 came to a close. Jupiter creates through a cosmic lens and is currently working on a series of singles and EP’s that will be released in 2023. Jupiter May connects with listeners who might be looking up at the stars, checking the astrology, wanting to feel transformed and uplifted.